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VAPE MILK 120MLS $22.99 Cheap Vape Juice US Made eLiquid

Vape Milk E juice / E Liquid Brand

Vape Milk is a premium eJuice brand based in California. We sell Vape Juice flavors consisting of 80/20 VG/PG blends bringing you major cloud production. Our nicotine levels for Vape Juices are 0MG, 3MG, 6MG and 12MG nicotine. We are dedicated to creating and providing premium ingredients and flavors for each and every one of our eLiquid products.

Melt eJuice This is a tropical-based eliquid that melts in the mouth, smells heavenly, and tastes simply divine. With a flavor profile of: melon, cantaloupe, peach, milk, custard, and mango, it is like a tropical smoothie.

Paris eJuice This eliquid tastes like an authentic dessert you may expect to find from a French patisserie. With a flavor profile of vanilla bean gelato, milk, marshmallow, and french vanilla sweet cream, it is perfect for those with a taste for the rich and sweet.

Lush eJuice This eliquid is ideal for people who enjoy sweet and creamy tastes as it provides a flavor profile consisting of honey, Bavarian cream, French vanilla, pineapple, cinnamon, and milk. For a sweet and creamy finish with a hint of cinnamon, this blend is stunning.

Pink Haze eJuice This eliquid is a strawberry lovers dream, Pink Haze provides a flavor profile consisting of strawberry custard, strawberry cream, and strawberry shortcake with milk notes. This blend is for the strawberry lover in you.

Rio eJuice This eliquid taste like the wonderful classic loops cereal on the inhale.Upon exhale you will notice a flavor of loops soaked in strawberry milk. It is an wonderful blend and truly one of our popular flavors.

Blue Dream eJuice: This eliquid is a solid Glazed Blueberry Donut dipped in Milk. It has quickly become one of the most popular of the new EJuice Dessert Line.

Peaches & Cream eJuice: Where the players Dwell?  Get some Juicy Peach x Sweet Cream x Marshmallows in your life.  So Good So sweet and creamy!

Cin City eJuice: Glazed Cinnamon Bun (Taste Like a warm Cinnabon/Cinnamon roll) x Milk also considered a breakfast vape!  Oh boy the doughy cinnamon taste is so fire!

Orange Dream eJuice: This eliquid has the Orange inhale and both the orange and Sweet Cream (Like Orange Creamsicle) on the exhale.  The fans have spoken and this is definitely a favorite!

Milk & Honey eJuice: From the land of Milk & Honey and graham cracker? Yes this has milk notes, sweet honey, graham cracker, cream and marshmallow notes. So unique yet so familiar what else?

What makes Vape Milk eJuice stand out from their competitors? – There are many eliquid-based businesses currently in operation from Large Companies to others who specialize in Vape CBD Oil, so what has helped Vape Milk stand out from the competition? Well, to begin with is the fact that their unique milk-based flavors are like nothing else on the market. Then, you have the fact that they we offer amazing customer support and services, as we make our customers the number 1 priority. The Vape Juice flavors themselves taste and smell divine. Combine all of this together and you have the perfect company offering perfect products. For vapers and those looking to switch from smoking cigarettes Vape Milk is a solid choice.